Worship day at the Vatican

Conciliation avenue

The name of Conciliation avenue comes from the agreements of Latran (1929) stopping the « roman » issue confronting the italian State and the Holy See.

According to Cahtolics, Saint Pierre could open the Paradise gates with his golden key.

Saint Pierre and the Key of Paradise

Saint Pierre and the key of Paradise (photo by B. Hervé)

In 2005, Jean-Paul II’s funeral brought in three million pilgrims, waiting up to 24 hours before coming into Saint Pierre basilica.

Saint-Pierre square and the faithful

Saint-Pierre square and the faithful (photo by B. Hervé)

The faithful often wait hours in order to see the Pope.

Waiting for the mass

Waiting for the mass (photo by B. Hervé)

Every sunday, the Pope delivers the Angelus at the window of his private office.

Pope Benoit XVI address

Pope Benoit XVI address (photo by B. Hervé)

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