Unusual, Argentina

Isolated garage, Argentina

Argentina has 39 inhabitants per square mile. Regions such as Patagonia are unpopulated. To compare, USA’s density is 87 inh/sq ml (33/km2 ).

Argentinian has a huge sense of humor : « Not working, call and hope ».

broken doorbell

Not working, call and hope (photo by G. Métais)

Far from the chevrolet classic type, best seller in Argentina in 2011 with 44 657 cars, that customised hearse will be perfect for a beach ride.

Customised hearse

Customised hearse , Argentina (photo by G. Métais)

Social labber is well established in Llama’s community. When a lower-ranked llama misbehaves, the dominant splits on him to show who runs the community.

argentian llama

Argentian llama (photo by G. Métais)

Ushuaïa is the most southern city on Earth located 745 miles (1200 km) away from the Antarctic.

Ushuaïa : end of the world

Ushuaïa : End of the world (photo by will-on-board)

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