Some standardised dress styles (Tokyo)

Sweet lolitas, Tokyo (photo by B. Hervé)

Inspired by the french and english rococo style, Sweet Lolitas live in the childhood world. Started in the 70s, the Lolita fashion has developed and is now made of many subcategories, all singular the one from another.

Sweet lolitas, Tokyo

Sweet lolitas (photo by B. Hervé)

Casual Lolitas, Tokyo

Casual Lolitas (photo by B. Hervé)

Classic Lolitas, Tokyo

Classic Lolitas (photo by B. Hervé)

Using the basis of the Lolita style, Punk Lolitas add personal touch as safety pins or  colourful galters.

Punk Lolita, Tokyo

Punk Lolita (photo by B. Hervé)

During their school years, students have to wear uniforms. Each one brings it a specific touch wearing ties, pins or ribbons.

Schoolgirls, Tokyo

Schoolgirls (photo by B. Hervé)

Schoolgirls, Tokyo

Schoolgirls (photo by B. Hervé)

Schoolboy, Tokyo

Schoolboy (photo by B. Hervé)

Cowgirl style, Tokyo

Cowgirl style (photo by B. Hervé)

From the main dress styles, people imagine less standardised clothes easier to wear.

From the Lolita style, Tokyo

From the Lolita style (photo by B. Hervé)

Girly touch mixed up with a gothic style, Tokyo

Girly touch mixed up with a gothic style (photo by B. Hervé)

Then, coats and petticoats fit with both hippy chic and gothic look, high socks and ankle sock remain a must-wear with skirt.

dress style unclassifiable, Tokyo

Unclassifiable (photo by B. Hervé)

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