Rome in the rain

Urban roman facade

Baroque architecture appears at the beginning of the XVIIth in Italy. It’s known for an opulent use of material, color, shadow and light.

Biggest touristic square in Rome, Piazza Navone was, at its beginning, a stadium for greek games competition.

Piazza Navone

Piazza Navone (photo B. Hervé)

For many centuries, Piazza del Popolo was used as a place of public executions. The last one took place in 1826.

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo (photo by B. Hervé)

The twin churches are the base of the « trident ». The three roads, that start from the obelisk, had to inform pilgrims coming from north of the three main religious routes.

Twin churches, Piazza del Popolo

Twin churches, Piazza del Popolo (photo by B. Hervé)

The legend says that, during the the great plague of 590, Pope Grégoire 1st would have had a vision of the Archangel Michel, at the top of the castle, putting back his sword in his case meaning the end of the epidemic. The castle’s name comes from that story.

Saint Angel castle

Saint Angel castle (photo by B. Hervé)

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