Quebec facing up the metropolitan giants of North America

Some economic studies of the early 70s shown New York and Los Angeles ‘ monopoly on north american metropolis attractiveness.

Howver, main changes in global economy set up a new deal in the north american urban network. As an example, internet booming opened up some local economies and made possible their development.

Consequently, that network got reshaped in a decentralized way with metropolis as Chicago, San Francisco or Montreal not to mention all of them. They slowly specialised and became the main operators in industries as pharmaceutical industry, areospace or computer software.

Those regional subsets constitute the current north american urban network. In one hand competitors, on the other hand economically dependent, those thriving metropolis are what makes that network so attractive.

Quebec, off-centre in eastern Canada, appears apart of the network.

However the quebec metropolis takes advantage of local strengths and thriving economy.

Its unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Canada. With more than 88% of the city activity, service industries are the main source of employment. Jobs in Insurance, tourism and culture sectors are dominant but others are growing as biotechnologies, health and life science industries.

The metropolis of 765 000 inhabitants (source : wiki) promotes its population high level of education with more than 82% of it graduated. Its higher education institution, as Laval university, gives to Quebec a world known reputation and a large intellectual strength choice.

Moreover, real estate is still affordable with an average cost of $200 000 for a house.

Laval university, Quebec

Laval university, Quebec

Based on local skills and strengths, the metropolis of Quebec established a city-planning program to equip the area with efficient infrastructures in order to be part of the attractiveness competition.

This program « Bâtir 2031 » is structured around three key-words « Shape, Attract, Last » and gives step by step the main targets for the next 20 years.

To attrack more potential investors and businessmen, Quebec promotes its life quality, said to be one of the best in North America.

Generic term, life quality brings together standarts founded on access to employment, education, services, housing, transport but also on urban environmental quality. Nowadays, life quality has become a competitive advantage in metropolitan attractiveness.

Local authorities want to control Quebec urban spread, strengthen areas already urbanized and promote their environmental heritage as a highlight of the region.

Efforts will be made to link, in a better way, Quebec to the north american metropolitan network, improving railways, developing the international airport and providing an efficient, fast and sure internet network.

Aiming at building a substainable Quebec and promoting their environmental heritage, the french speaker metropolis could play tricks to the metropolitan giants of North America.

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