Petra shouldered by Star Trek ?

Tourists assailing El Khazneh, Petra

Tourisme industry grows strongly in Jordan, pulled by unique sites in the world as the ancient city of Petra or the Dead sea. The country wants to take advantage of its incredible resources to promote and increase its economic development.

For many years, Jordan has caught economic opportunities from globalization in the tourism industry.

The Dead sea minerals are used for therapeutic cures and are a very attractive service for health tourism.

A lot of efforts were made to raise jordanian higher education as an area of excellence. It’s world known and a lot of students come to pursue their education in arabic.

It’s now essantial for Jordan to strenghten all its gains.

Using the same determination, Jordan established a touristic strategy plan for 2010-2015 aiming at modernise the whole touristic infrastructures.

It’s planned to increase air traffic and  re-classify all hotels and 80% of the restaurants after having testing and certified them.

Not only thought to improve touristic attractiveness, that plan aims at revitalizing the economy strongly impacted by unemployement (12%) and promote female employement.

That touristic strategy plan comes with 20 projects as « The Red Sea Astrarium », prodigious project demonstration of jordanian ambition.

"Red Sea Astrarium" project, Aqaba

« Red Sea Astrarium » project, Aqaba

The leisure park, of whom investment is estimated at 1,5 billion dollars, will be located near Aqaba (south). On an area of 74 hectares (28 square miles), luxury hotels, restaurants, attractions and a botanic garden are planned.

Focused on culture and history, the « Cradle of the inspiration » will take you through space and time. Morever, an area will be dedicated to the Star Trek world.

A flight simulator new generation is under study. Other areas were thought, unfortunately we can’t give you any more details about them. They have been kept secret.

That leisure park was thought environmental and innovative in renewable energy use. A conference space will be intended to students and businessmen to make them more familar with green technologies.

Giving a modern and innovating image of its country, the government wants to give a sense of reponsibility to global economic and environmental issues.

The jordan subsidiary, Rubicon group, that edits animation movies, will be in charge of creating and making park recreations.

That contract will require 500 local high qualified jobs and thousand of workers for construction and functioning works of the park

Jordan wants, with those ambitious projects, to please the 10 million tourists foreseen in 2015.

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