Petra is more than « El Khazneh »

tombs on facade road, Petra

As « El Khazneh », many other tombs are side by side in the ancient city of Petra.

The whole city of Petra is spread out on an aera of 40 km2 (15 square miles).

Troglodyte constructions, petra

Troglodyte constructions, Petra (photo by A. Peyrard)

The city of Petra was located on the caravan road between Egypt, Syria, South Arabia and the Mediterranean sea.

Tomb, Petra

Tomb, Petra (photo by A. Peyrard)

When the city was under Nabataean control, therer were more than 25 000 inhabitants.

Royal tombs

Royal tombs, Petra (photo by A. Peyrard)

After having walked up the 800 steps of a rocky stair, you get to « El Deir ».

El deir, Petra

El Deir, Petra (photo by A. Peyrard)

Its name « El Deir », which means monastery in Arabic, comes from the use made by Christians thereafter.

"El Deir" the monastery, Petra

« El Deir » the monastery, Petra (photo by A. Peyrard)

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