Peruvian sceneries

On the train from Cuzco to Puno, you see astonishing landscapes.

A supposition of Titicaca lake name comes from Titijaya that means “stone puma” referencing to drowned pumas and turned into stone statues according to an Aymara legend.

Titicaca lake

A lot of theories exist about Nazca lines. The one I prefer comes from Erich Von Dänichen. He said, in 1968, lines on the ground were landing runways for aliens and drawing were used to communicate.

Alien of Nazca

Misti volcano overhangs the city of Arequipa and culminates to 19 000 feet (5 822 ou 5 825 mètres). Its last blast took place in 1985.

Misti Volcano

Crossing the vast desert nearby the town of Ica, you reach the pacific ocean.

Desert nearby Ica

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