Peruvian lifestyle

Alpaca lives in the Andes. That animal, kind and quiet, has a natural affinity for children.

Local population keeps harvesting salt  in the salines of Maras. Located in mountain, terraces are used for crystallisation.

harvest of salt in the salines of Maras

harvest of salt on a terrace (photo by G. Métais)

Colca canyon is 11 155 feet deep. A sprinkled population lives there. Facilities access is difficult.

Peruvian family in Colca Canyon

Peruvian family on his way to the village (photo by G. Métais)

Here are some traditional costumes worn by peruvian males during a festival village.

Peruvians in traditional costumes

Peruvians in traditional costumes (photo by G. Métais)

Except llama and alpaca wool, peruvians also used sheep wool to make clothes.

Sheep bought at the market

Sheep bought at the market (photo by G. Métais)

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