Las Vegas, a city-centre to revitalize

Strip of Las Vegas

Gaming city, Las Vegas is world known for its Strip. That road, enlarging upon 4 miles (6,7 km), is made of some of the largest and most luxury hotels on Earth and attracts gamblers and tourists from all around the world.

Nearness airport, transport network, shop, restaurants, conference rooms, shows, everything has been planned to welcome, in the best conditions, people visiting Las Vegas for work or holidays.

Hotel, Gaming and recreation (HGR) services employ approximately 26 % of the work force (source : « Las Vegas 2020 » master plan).

The financial crisis has made investors and developers think twice before going further in new projects. However, Las Vegas remains very attractive in terms of employment, and the population would keep increasing to reach 800 000 inhabitants in 2020 (source : « Las Vegas 2020 » master plan).

All that economic ferment around the Strip caused collateral urban damages. The historic city-centre was left, loosing its identity, function and attractiveness.

Because of its proximity with the Strip, city-centre’s real estate prices increased forcing inhabitants of Las Vegas to settle in the suburbs. Residential areas appeared all aorund the city without being connected the one with another.

Cultural, life and community centres disappearing, the population slowly lost its urban references. A public intervention was crucial to recreate some link between inhabitants and their city.

Including all thoses issues, the municpality of Las Vegas established « Las Vegas 2020 » master plan making clear the new functions of the city-centre in order to plan a livable place for the population.

Preserving its initial functions, hotel, gaming and recreation, it was essential to diversify activities within this part of the city.

Housing, shop, firms and school have been planned to boost the neighbourough. Cultural, health and administrative services have been added.

Mobility, within city-centre, had to be thought back in order to make it accessible to work areas in the valley of Las Vegas without coming back to a mean of transport based on car.

Symphony park

Symphony park

Many projects have been launched as the « Symphony park », a 62 acres area (25 hectares).

Based on a private-public partnership between the city of Las Vegas and Newland company, this project of urban revitalization has already celebrated the clinique Cleveland Lou Ruvo center for Brain Health’s opening (2009).

At the beginning of 2012, the Smith center for the performing arts was inaugurated.

Mulitplying projects, the municipality hopes to galvanise the heart of the city.

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