Kanawa, a small piece of paradise

kanawa reef

Kanawa is an island part of the Lesser Sunda Islands archipelago nearby Komodo island in Indonesia.

Kanawa island, Indonesia

Only access to Kanawa island (photo by B. Hervé)

Kanawa island, Indonesia

Coral reef (photo by B. Hervé)

Its preserved and idyllic setting gave an italian businessman the idea to develop an substainable tourism activitity. The island doesn’t have any drinkable water supplying spot. It is provided few times a week by boat.

Water smurf, Kanawa

Water smurf, Kanawa (photo by B. Hervé)

Island top, Kanawa

Island top (photo by B. Hervé)

Only access to Kanawa island

Only access to Kanawa island (photo by B. Hervé)

Its isolated location pleases tourists looking for quietness.

Kanawa island

A small piece of paradise (photo by B. Hervé)

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