Fashionable Tokyo

Harajuku district

If there is a city in the world where fashion is unclasifiable it’s definitely Tokyo. Nowhere else you will come across such a clothing inspiration.

Several districts are known to be fashion highlights, each one with its features. Ginzha hosts both international luxury companies shop and consumers going with, the high connected 2.0 youth hangs out in Shibuya district,  but the one I’ve focused on, Harajuku, is probably the best area to have a look at Tokyo fashion streetstyle.

Located nearby the shinto shrine Meiji-jingu, Harajuku neighbourhoud is literally overrun during the week end by the Tokyo youth taking off their current uniforms for more informal styles.

 What can first surprise and then make us envious, that’s the obvious ease youth has to parade in Harajuku district streets without shocking anybody. Behaviour barely possible in France, where all seem to be so stuck and dictated. We are too serious with fashion! That contrast appealed to me. Japanese know how to deal with fashion. Suiting with trend, they build their own style made of unthinkable dress mixing and that works perfectly!

Trendy japanese couple in Harajuku, Tokyo

Trendy japanese couple in Harajuku district

As result, the street is full of fashionable people! Each style has its codes, going from the Sweet Lolita trend, a touch of Cyber, to end with Bosozoku.

To mention only one example, within the Lolita trend many subcategories set up. They are linked to various influences : cinema, childhood, futur or punk and gothic movements. People imagination creates fascinating looks with one watchword : distinction. That singularity attracts professional photographers in the street getting ready to shoot the perfect picture.

I played along, grabbing my Canon and trying to catch the essence of the japanese streetstyle. With some feedback, it isnot as easy as I thought to understand. Influence of western podium is noticeable and I think this remarkable dress mixing between japanese style and trends coming from magazines, in the end, is the main feature of fashion in Tokyo.

Although I had stuck in mind to see only an excentric feminine fashion, reality is far different. Men also are part of the deal paying attention to their dress codes. Consequently more and more men’s fashion shop open.

I don’t spell it out when I say that looking at the Harajuku crowd is a kind of job.

For sure, japanese fashionistas don’t have to be jealous with western fashion!

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