Extremes south of New Zealand

Northland done, I am now on Southland. I’d like to talk to you about southern New Zealand.

Let’s start with Milford sound.

Hardly reachable, you leave from Te Anau (the simpler) or Queenstown (the touristic place). Touristic influx seem to be well mastered there probably because their location. It prevents from too many cruising business on the canal leading to the Tasman sea.

Te Anau isnot the most entertaining city of New Zealand. You will get with it for a stop before going to the Fjords. I rent a bicycle and went all around Te Anau lake. Unfortunately for me, it was raining that day. Anyway, this part of New Zealand is known as the most raining. So if you go there and get no rain, you are kind of lucky.

Once in Milford, cruising departure for the fjord, you are stunned. Whatever the weather, the landscape is so astonishing that you face up cold, rain and wind on the edge boat to admire what’s around you. Waterfalls and cliffs are falling straight down into the water.

I could talk to you for hours about this place, but there is another city I’d like to introduce you : Invercargill.

Last significant urban area before the South Pole, Invercargill gives travellers specific feelings. Walking along the main road, I could feel the remoteness. Don’t even try to buy anything after 5.00 pm, the town falls asleep. It isnot that easy to come across kiwis. You can still have a Pitch black or a Wasp (local beers) at Waxy O’Shea’s.

I  focused on one detail. Its golf is located right in the middle of the city in Queens park. You just have to cross the street to practice your swing. This is what we can call local sport facilities.

18 miles south, you get to Bluff, city world known for its Poker Tournament. EUH…sorry my mistake, world known for its sign.

I didn’t stay long there. I boarded to reach Steward Island (Rakiura maori name) 1 hour cruising and 2970 miles (4780 kms) away from South Pole.

Coming into Oban, the only village on the island, many seals, laying on the beach, welcome you with such a noise.

I stayed 3 days looking for a kiwi. So quiet and smart, finding them is like a tresaure hunt. You might leave New Zealand without having seen any of them.

The fishing cruise has to be lived. I won’t make you any description of the fisherman. I let you imagine how a man from the end of the world looks like. One thing for sure, he knows all the spots where to get fish. Actually, it s pretty easy in Steward island surroundings. They are full of fish.

Your fishing line ready, get prepared for the fight. Attacks come from everywhere. On one side albatross and seagulls track you down, on the other side grand cormorants. They are excellent swimmers and divers. They can go 30 meters deep and stay a minute under water. Within all of them, you and your fishing line look trapped.

As soon as you get a fish and try to come back it up to the surface, your line gets harder and harder to pull out of the water. Suddenly your fish starts to fly, then you understand that you are not the only one trying to make it his business, Cormorant to.

Usually, more clever you are, more fish you get. I let you guess who got the most fish between this bloody bird and me.

If you succeed, you will appreciate your reward. Our fisherdude will prepare meticulously some very nice filets for your diner.

What’s better than fresh fish filets…

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