Darjeeling-Kurseong : it is tea time

Pickers Tea plantation Darjeeling India

This is our last week in India and we have picked up Darjeeling as final destination.

Darjeeling, India

Tea plantation Darjeeling, India

Tea pickers Darjeeling India

The reason why we have come is obviously the tea plantations. World known, we were curious to see how that place could look like.

Picker tea plantation Darjeeling, India

Picking tea plantation Darjeeling, India

We are coming across a group of pickers. They are spread out on the plantation, each one working at her own speed but all have the same dexterity in their gesture. It is pleasant to watch.

Tea plantation, darjeeling India

Tea pickers Darjeeling, India

Tea pickers Darjeeling, India

Tea picker Darjeeling, India

Tea pickers Darjeeling, India

Now that we know where the tea leaves come from, let’s try some tasting. Here, the lipton bag tea is forbidden. Tea tasting follows rules that I haven’t known so far.

I go first. They teach me the breathing technic to release the leaf flavour in mouth. They also explain to us that whiter the tea is, lighter the taste is and earlier in the season the leaf have been picked up. On the contrary, a darker tea is a stronger tea picked up later in the season. I am into tea now, and thinking of giving up with coffee.

Tea tasting, darjeeling India

Another city has some wonderful tea plantations. It is Kurseong, located 20 km down from Darjeeling. To get there, we are taking the « Toy train ».

Darjeeling station, India

Darjeeling station, India

That steam train is the best way to travel between both cities seeing that the road  is heavily damaged.

Toy train Darjeeling station, India

Toy train driver, darjeeling India

Kurseong seems to be a quiet place…

Kurseong, india

Tea plantation Kurseong, india

It is really quiet.

Kurseong cimetery, India

We decide to spend our last days enjoying the fresh air of the moutains. We like the place, we feel very good here.

Tea plantation Kurseong, India

Kurseong, India

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