Just landed on Australia, I get on a bus to Bondi junction. I have no idea where I am going. I am crossing my fingers, expecting the bus driver to drop me off close to Liverpool street, my final destination. It hasn’t happened. I meet a mauritius guy. He can speak french. He is explaining to me the way.

After my informal bus sight tour, I arrive at fernando’s flat. We are walking to Kingcross to find a backpacker. To sum up, this Sydney district mixes up sex shop and gay bars. It’s fun just for a couple of days. Whatever the backpacker you pick up in the neighbourhoud, they are all shitty. The best are close to Sydney station.

The room booked, we are starting Sydney visit. I still haven’t slept, it is getting warmer and warmer. I am suffering this first day. I can realise how spread out is Sydney.

The harbour-planning is well made to chill out and hang around for either tourists and locals. You can easily have a drink or a meal taking advantage of the harbour view. The opera is amazing. I am surprised by the urban architecture mixing up victorian style and modern buildings.

In late afternoon, exhausted, we are stopping at the opera house bar. What a great place! It has an unique view of the bridge and the bay. At night we go out on George Street.

On sunday, to slow down, I plan a visit to the zoo with Fernando. For the day ending, we are having a beer again at the opera house bar.

On Monday, I decide to solve out my chinese visa issue. Talking to a dutchman on Steward island in New Zealand, I remembered I still hadn’t asked for my visa admission.

Before going north, I decide to go shopping and borrow the aussie style.

Stories :

It’s sunday night. I am sleeping. I suddenly wake up feeling something moving between my legs. I first think of a spider. I am jumping off my bed and see this little mouse. She doesn’t want to leave my matress. I have to kick her off. During the night, she comes back. Finding her touching, I share my bed for the rest of the night.

On my way back to Sydney from Manly beach where I have spent the afternoon, I am waiting for the 3.15pm ferry. I missed the 2.45pm, falling asleep on the beach. While I am boarding, a couple is staring at me. Curious, I am doing the same. Paying more attention, I can recognize a swiss couple I met last november in South Africa.

As my friend Fernando would say : « El mundo es un pagnello ».

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