Like an illegal

The Caminito, La Boca district Buenos Aires

I am in Buenos Aires with my friend Luciana. The Copa Libertadores final takes place in two days. South-american champions league, I cannot miss one’s opportunity to be at the game between Porto Alegre and Boca Junior.

We dare to take a look at La Boca district. The staduim is nearby the Caminito. I hope i could buy tickets there.

La Boca stadium

La Boca stadium, Buenos Aires (photo by will-on-board)

The game is sold out.

I am trying with illegal sellers in the street. I am buying two tickets.

I realize they are fake. We are turning around to get my money back. The man has already disappeared. The district is tricky.

We are followed by two teens. In a narrow street, they are pointing guns at me. Things fly in my mind. I amnot behaving like a hero and am giving them all.

I am officially illegal in Argentina. I don’t have credit card, video camera and passport anymore.

I decide to keep going on my trip with my friend’s help. Commuting in Buenos Aires isnot a problem. Nobody is asking for my ID.

We are off to Iguazu and its astonishing falls.

After many hours spent in the bus, we are arriving.

Iguazu falls, Argentina

Iguazu falls, Argentina (photo by G. Métais)

Falls are so mighty. The place is amazing. The fall “El Garganta del diablo” is the most impressive. The sound of the water takes you aback. A boat brings you close to it, shampoo required.

We are staying two days before coming back to Buenos Aires.

I am at my seat. Men in police uniforms are getting on the bus with dogs. They are looking for drugs. The common border with Brazil makes drug trafficking a main issue for Argentina.

The dog is getting closer. Policemen are checking ID and I am having none to show.

I have nothing to hide but I cannot help stressing. My turn, I am explaining myself in spanish but I am quickly running out of words. I don’t look legal with unkempt style. The dog is sniffing me. My friend is explaining all to the policeman. He seems to believe us and he isnot questioning me anymore.

My journey in Argentina is ending. I receive an official document from the french consulate that allows me to fly back to France.

My return ticket is an A4 sheet.

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