Cape Town : global metropolis in progress ?

Stadium used during the world cup in 2010

The 2010 world cup was a development engine for the south african metropolis. It justified massive investments to start planning-project needed for growth by the city of Cape Town.

Cape Town could show to the world that it was able to organize events at international level, to manage visitor flows and assure their security.

All the money invested  enabled the city to equip itself with sport facilities at international level. Local authority had specified the later uses to the football competition. Being in line with the Integrated Development Plan 2012-2017, the purpose is to place Cape Town as the major events pole in southern Africa.

The stadium must be used now as a springboard to promote this industry. Local authority is trying to establish long term use with major event organizations (concerts, shows and match) and develop business travel with international meetings and congress.

Cape Town aims at making profitable its business model with local or international and main or middle range partnership in the 5 next years.

Obviously, the stadium itself won’t be able to ensure event profitability business.

They now have to make huge efforts on facilities improvement.

The metropolis plans to equip the whole city with a fibre-optic network. Except faster and better access internet for locals, it was proved that communication network inprovement is a catalyst for Growth for city.

The integrated public transport network (IPTN) will make commuting easier and faster.

They will focus on two areas : railway and buses.

Transportation work will make more efficient, comfortable and safer bus lines between the international airport and the city-centre. Specific bus lines will be reserved on main roads. Inner city connections will be modified. Nowadays, they essentially work with minibus, informal means of transport.

economic centre, Cape Town South Africa

Economic centre, Cape Town (photo by T. Volpilhac)

The Cape Town international Convention Centre’s expansion is in process. Local authority confirmed the project in march 2011.  The conference and exhibitions rooms will be expanded 11 960 square yards (10 000 m2). Works are foreseen for mid-may 2013. The Western Cape province will contribute.

Cape region is a dynamic and full of resources territory. Its fruits, wines and spirits production , its pharmaceutical cluster project including the Biovac Institute, its astonishing urban setting will help to promote event business.

I hope that all those investments will provide better life conditions for all Cape Town’s inhabitants.

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