Bolivian word

Still a long way before home, Uyuni Bolivia

I don’t blame Bolivians for anything but there is an aspect I would like to point out : bolivian word.

I am arriving in early morning at Uyuni. I am booking a room the night now. I am dealing with a nice bolivian grandma.

Without shower for many days, my priority is to wash with hot water if possible. The grandma tells me that bathroom commodities are excellent. I have no time to check, I am off to the Salar.

The room is really cheap, weird…

I am back after an amazing day. I would like a shower but the water is off. Nights are cold here (between 32°F and 23°F, 0°C and -5°C) and frozen water damages pipes. In addition, there is no insulation in the room. I am sleeping all dressed not to feel the cold air.

After such a night, I am trying one more time the shower. The water is hardly running and remains bloody frozen. I am giving up the idea of washing.

They weren't told that gas was in option.

They weren’t told that gas was in option. Bolivia (photo by G. Métais)

I am on my way to Tupiza where I can get on the 6.00 pm bus to Villazon (Argentian border).

Usually, it takes 7 hours from Uyuni to Tupiza. Leaving at 8 am, I am convinced that my timing is good.

In fact, the bus doesn’t take 7 but 10 hours to reach Tupiza.

Arrived at Tupiza bus station, I am looking for the 6 pm bus to Villazon. I ask locals. They all respond the same thing, a night bus leaves at 9.30 pm.

What am I supposed to think ?

I sweat out and wait.

9.00 pm I am alone at the bus station.

9.45 pm, there is still no bus. I guess there won’t be any other bus tonight. I find a room where I can spend the night. The owner bullshits me again with the hot water stuff.

Waking up, I am giving a last shot to the shower. The water is damn cold.

At Villazon, I have to cross the border. Just remember troubles I had at the border between Peru and Bolivia (bolivian taxi drivers on strike).

Suspicious, I amnot getting on a bolivian bus to reach Juyjuy province in Argentina. They all tell me there won’t be any problem to cross the border. I am walking. What a good idea, I have had. All buses are stuck.

My bolivian trip has just ended.

I wish it could last longer. I have finally got used to their flexible words.

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