An adventure more than a simple path…
Al Khazneh, Petra

"Siq" before reaching "El Khazneh"

Before reaching « Al Khazneh », you have to walk 1,2 km (0,8 m) through the « Siq ».

Then you can catch sight of some parts of the phenomenal « Al Khazneh ».

Al Khazneh in the shadow of the "Siq"

Al Khazneh in the shadow of the « Siq », Petra (photo by will-on-board)

To finally be breathtaking by that out of time momunent.

Al Khazneh, Petra

Al Khazneh, Petra (photo by A.Peyrard)

Despite the facade fragility, the Treasury seems to be stronger than time.

Ornement, The"Treasury"

Ornement, The »Treasury » (photo by A.Peyrard)

Afraid of disappointing some of you, the inside gate doesn’t look like a mysterious way full of traps as you have dreamed of, but more like that.

The inside of Al khazneh

The inside of « Al khazneh », Pétra (photo by A.Peyrard)

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