A day in Amsterdam (2nd part)

Tiny cars, Amsterdam

Bicylce in Jordaan district, Amsterdam

You certainly know about those places you cannot miss when you travel otherwise your whole trip is lousy. I am talking about visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, flying to Peru and skip Machu Picchu, travelling to India and forget to stop at the Taj Mahal or take a walk in Manhattan and not even try to reach a skyscraper’s top. No choice I must have my pic of IAMSTERDAM.

Soft mobility, Amsterdam

Bike near Iamsterdam, Amsterdam

Soft mobility, Amsterdam

Before coming over, I didn’t know anything about dutch food. Honestly. I have been nicely surprised by the belegd broodje, let’s call it the submarine sandwich. Toasted, spicy, filled with cheese and ham and some leafs of lettuce, this TASTES GOOD. It fed me well before I started biking on the banks of the Eastern Docklands.

Submarine sandwich in Jordaan district, Amsterdam

Bank of the Eastern Docklands, Amsterdam

This place is remarkable. However, I got more interests in Java island, on the other side. It’s barely thinkable, that small land used to be a dyke, protecting the harbour industry of Amsterdam. Since It has been turned into a residential area. One more time, I can say that architects gave it their best shots to make this place unique.

I cannot help refering to the water environment, it is the main feature of Amsterdam‘s design.

Housing on Java island, Amsterdam

Housing on Java island, Amsterdam

Java island, Amsterdam

A contrasted architecture, Amsterdam

Conservatory of Amsterdam

Apple pie at Broodje art cafe, Centrum district Amsterdam

Apparently, I haven’t had enough to eat with my submarine sandwich.

Sunset on Central station, Amsterdam

I was looking forward to see sunset in Amsterdam. With all those sudden changes of light and atmosphere, I feel like being in a different city. I am heading to Jordaan district, east side of Centrum district (downtown).

Sunset on Amsterdam, Centrum district

Canal by night, Amsterdam

I missed something during my day. Fortunately darkness displays it well. In the streets of Amsterdam, I feel a kind of proximity with people, a feeling I have barely had so far during my previous trips. Let me explain you… There is neither curtain nor shutter on windows so you have the sensation of coming into people’s, homes lighting up both their interiors and the public space. That’s may be the secret of Amsterdam‘s life quality.

Night walk in Amsterdam

Cafe in Jordaan district, Amsterdam

Cafe in Jordaan district, Amsterdam

Canal and play of light, night in Amsterdam

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